Daytime Lucid Dreaming™ 6 Weeks Video Course

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Daytime Lucid Dreaming™ 6 Weeks Video Course


Master your Consciousness with Daytime Lucid Dreaming™ and live a Happier Life

Unleash your creativity, your focus, and bootstrap your growth with the most powerful tool available in the world: your own mind.

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Every week for 6 weeks you will receive a video content where I will share with you how to improve the quality and effectiveness of your Daytime Lucid Dreams and how to use your dreams for specific purposes. 

You can watch and follow the exercises any time you want but because this is the first time I'm offering this course I am going to make you an incredible offer.


Module 1: Daytime Lucid Dreaming™
Learn the basics of Daytime Lucid Dreaming™ so you can make the most out of them later!

Module 2:  Your Brain++
Access at will states for creative thinking, problem-solving, and much more

Module 3: Unleash your Inner Artist
Make art in your dreams like you never did before... then create it here!

Module 4: Heal your wounds, integrate and move on
Safely work with your subconscious and grow into the best version of yourself.

Module 5: Really Experience your wildest dreams
Access an Ultra HD Virtual Reality and explore the universe, have crazy sex, or whatever else you wish.

Module 6: Hack The Matrix
Follow the white rabbit and see how deep the rabbit hole gets. 



What about Dreams during the night?
The positive side effect of practising Lucid Dreaming during the day is your brains learns how to do it and under the right conditions - namely good quality sleep - your night dream activity might experience an increase as many of my clients have already reported.

Will I have a dream, for real?
Yes. In the beginning, it will indistinguishable from an imagination, but the more you learn to let go of enough control for the dream to form, the easier it will be.

How long do I have to practice?
Only 10 minutes a day. 

Wait, I have other questions!
Lovely, did I mention that I love Q/A and that I'll be offering two of them during the next 6 weeks?