At the centre of our existence we find awareness. If we are not aware of what we are experiencing our life happens without us being here to attend it. 

When it comes to Consciousness Hacking I was under the impression that the Cosmic Experience of Onness, or however you wanna call it, is the most valuable state there is. Since November 2016 I've held almost 30 workshops across Europe with the PandoraStar Light Machine and my guided meditations. I still value the peak experience and I will soon publish a blog on those, but last month I held my last workshop called Beyond Maya and decided to take all the lessons and bring them to a the practice of Lucid Dreaming, that has more practical applications than experiencing a glimpse of Enlightenment. For most people at least. 

While Peak experiences are becoming more and more accessible by the day, mainly through use of powerful substances like DMT, 5-MEO-DMT, or technologies like the PandoraStar Light machine, the what remains elusive, is that in-between state represented by Lucid Dreams.

Lucidity is a remarkable and refined state of consciousness, where you create an inner world, while at the same time it feels like the world is creating itself. You get to believe it's real enough to enjoy it and to engage with it, but not too much to lose connection with what is really happening in the physical world and who you really are. It's an extraordinary balancing act of conscious awareness exhibiting free will.

The Lucid State is the holy grail to every person who's trying to cultivate and nurture the quality of their awareness, their presence, and their ability to navigate existence with grace, meaning, and integrity. But until recently, I was of the idea that it was difficult to teach with reliable results. Not anymore.


Until today Lucid Dreaming has been something reserved for the few who are naturals and the few who have set themselves to learn, put in a lot of work, and managed to. 

Daytime Lucid Dreaming changes all this. 

Daytime Lucid Dreaming combines the powers of meditation, visualisation, affirmations, deep rest, and self-hypnosis, NLP.... because IT IS a combination of all those, and within a Lucid Dream you can access any tool or practice you already know and get even more out of it. 

Every time you practice Daytime Lucid Dreaming you can reap the benefits of all these practices combined, while doing something engaging, easy, and fun.

Imagine how deeper you can go, and how easier and faster you can achieve your goals and fulfil your dreams.

Imagine you can do this practice anytime and almost anywhere. While you commute - unless you are the one driving, that is. While having a nap in the park. When you are  trapped in a boring queue. After or during savasana or your ice bath. After your meditation or your breathwork session.

Imagine you can do it as you listen to music. While you’re under the PandoraStar Light Machine or you’re wearing your eye mask in full darkness.

As you fall asleep as much as you are fully awake. But mainly when are fully awake.

Daytime Lucid Dreaming is not just the next technique that promises to increase the probability of having dreams. It’s a 180° shift in perspective that make lucid dreams so easy to achieve that now you can start actually using them rather than just spending time trying to have them at all.

I've been using Daytime Lucid Dreaming to guiding private clients and groups for over a year now, experiencing amazing results. I just didn't call it that, yet. Now I'm ready to teach it to you. 

When you will start having your daytime lucid dreams you'll probably have the same reaction as me: duh, it's so simple, why I didn't think of it before?