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Amir Khadr

You might want to go the about page to read about me in a more human way, but if you want to know more what I did since 2012, this is a compact list that might give you an idea.


  • Pandora Star - Brainwave entrainment and Light Therapy
  • Consciousness Exploration Intensive by Tom Campbell
  • Energy Healing : Reiki Master, Chios, VortexHealing 
  • Tantric Bodyworker - Sexual Awakening & Healing
  • NLP Practitioner, NLP Life Coach,  Timeline Therapy, No More Mr Nice Guy Coach


    Other relevant trainings and experiences that shaped my path

    • Bodywork: Shiatsu and Ayurvedic Massage, Myofascial Energetic Release
    • Tantra, Intimacy: 14 retreats with Diamond Light Tantra, 22 retreats with The New Tantra
    • Sexual Awakening & Healing:  Tantric Bodyworker (The New Tantra), Soft Energetic Dearmouring with GAIA Technique (Susanne Roursgaard), Shadow Tantra (Seani Love)
    • Men’s work: Mature Masculine (with Sujith Ravindran), Ignited Man (with OneTaste), Men’s Hardcore (TNT), Nordic Men’s Festival
    • Meditation: Transcendental Meditation, Vipassana, Dzogchen
    • Consciousness Exploration: Lucid Dreaming & Out Of Body Experience trainings 
    • Shamanism: Shamanic healing, shamanic journeying, soul retrievals, plant medicine
    • Biohacking/Technlogy: Brainwave entrainment with binaural beats, isochronic tones, TDCS - micro current stimulation, Wim Hof Method (cold training)
    • Plant medicine/Shamanism: Santa Maria, Cocoa, Mushrooms, Ayahuaska, Changa, Iboga, Kambo, Toad medicine.