What this is all about? Let me walk you through it.

Here you will find about who I am, why Lucid Dream, what is Daytime Lucid Dreaming, and links to other pages on this website that will help you understand if this is for you or not.


My name is AMIR KHADR, I was born in Egypt and I'm now 40. I grew up and spent most of my adult life in Italy, Milan but I'm based in London since 2012.

For 20 years my main career had to do with computers, web applications, and software development.

I don't have a history of deep personal trauma or a rare condition that shaped my life dramatically. I don't think of my life as  particularly original. Certainly I spent most of it convinced I had no specific talents.

What happened is that a series of apparently disconnected events of various nature and intensity, came together to change completely my life, for the better. Big time!

I also must warn you that I don't have a scientific background, but I used to be the sort of guy who would look for published papers on any subject, to know what was real and what was not. What interpretation of reality were to be trusted. I wanted to act within the boundaries of reality and not expect the impossible, the unrealistic, the absurd, the delusional. I wanted to do the right thing.

I used to operate with the unconscious belief that my experience was not "right" unless it was confirmed to be so by scientific research.

I trusted the experiences of a group of strangers - no, the conclusions on the data collected about the experiences of a group of strangers, more than I trusted mine.

I know I was a bit extreme about it, but do you ever catch yourself, after reading of a scientific research, checking in which group you belong to and what are the implications for you life? If you're doomed or have hope?

In the last few years all this changed.

Gradually - but at high pace- and  with the help of amazing teachers, communities, and friends, I learnt to take back control of my own human experience and instead of looking outside for directions on how I should be, what is right to experience, what are the right choices, I found a way to find the answers where they are: some times within, some times outside, and often times in the meeting in between

Since 2012 I've been on an accelerated journey that brought me not just to explore, but to dive deep into Tantra, Meditation, Consciousness Exploration, Energy Work, Shamanism, Plant Medicine, Psychedelics, Men's work, Bodywork, Coaching, and Inner work. Not just on the self-development side, but all the way to become have become professional practitioner in many of those areas.

You can find a schematic list of my journey and certifications or courses I attended in the last few years here

I've been trying for years to find the common thread that ties all this good stuff together and now is finally here.

Daytime Lucid Dreaming is the meeting in between... and much more!



You can sign up for the Free Three Part video course where I will help you with the basics that will both support your night and daytime lucid dreaming. I will probably remake the videos soon and get rid of the cheesy green screen, so you'll have to be patient about that.  But for being my first attempt of teaching on video is not bad and the information you'll find there is sound. Plus if you sign up I'll notify you when I remake them and make them available to you all at once, promise.


Thursday 12st July, 20:30 UK Time: join the live masterclass. It's free.

In the masterclass I won’t just teach you the principles behind Daytime Lucid Dreaming but I’ll invite you to join me for a short Guided Daytime Lucid Dreaming session where you’ll experience your first Daytime Lucid Dream and accelerate your learning curve 10x.