Module 4: Heal your wounds, integrate and move on

Safely work with your subconscious and grow into the best version of yourself.


Module 4 Introduction
What does it mean "safely"
What does it mean "move on"



Dreams and Subconscious
Nightmares and Recurrent dreams
Dreams as symbolic
Dreams and false memories


Two ways to work with the subconscious mind
1. Receptive to the subconscious
2. Consciously summon the subconscious


4 stages to work with your subconscious mind effectively

  1. Observer Awareness
  2. Active Engagement
  3. Resolution
  4. Patience

Applying the 4 stages to proactively summon the subconscious mind


ASSIGNMENTS OF WEEK 4 - Your 10 minutes a day

Decide in advance at least one for each of the following

  1. A non-threatening dream you remember well
  2. A nightmare, recurrent dream, or a dream that made you slightly uncomfortable
  3. An aspect of your personality, or unhealthy habit or behaviour you want to gain awareness on, or another subject as described in video 5

Spend 3-4 minutes on each going through stages 1 to 3.

Progress to the following stage only if you feel comfortable enough with the result obtained.

Once you have progressed to a certain stage you can always apply the previous stage strategy to gain deeper awareness.

Track your progress.

- Journal your experience and considerations for each stage
- Share your experience on the Facebook Group