Module 2: Your brain++

Access at will states for creative thinking, problem-solving, and much more


It's time to start developing those dream muscles and use the dream to get actual results in our real life. Whether you want an effective solution for a problem, make decisions more easily, or simply rehearse real-life scenarios, if you follow the simple exercises you will be in no time able to do that.


ASSIGNMENTS OF WEEK 2 - Your 10 minutes a day

4 times a day 1 minute each: Lucid Dreaming Gym
Initiate a low definition dreamscape/simulation and flex these "muscles":
- Play with the simulation time
- Play with the simulation space
- Play with dream-witness perspective
- Repeat exercise of week 1, where you enter the dream from a 1st person perspective

Before combining them, focus on one aspect each time.

Once a day, 6 minutes: Work on your real life issue/problem/goal
- Initiate a dreamscape/simulation
- project a symbolic representation of what you want to work with
- play with time, space, and perspective to explore the possible solutions.

- Journal your experience here
- Share your experience with the Lucid Dreaming Gym
- Post about what would be the focus of your 6-minute exercise.